Dinner for Two (paperback)



Easy, healthy recipes for 1 or 2!

One of the frequent questions that we get from patients how they can cook for one or two people. The main complaint is that many recipes make servings for four, six, eight, or even twelve people. While recipes for four can be good if there are only two of you, it may feel overwhelming to have all those leftovers if you’re by yourself.

This cookbook is designed with recipes that make one or two servings so that if you are a couple, a single recipe will be enough (or you can double the recipe to have leftovers). If you are cooking just for yourself, having recipes that make fewer servings is much more manageable – you can make dinner and have lunch ready for the next day.

This book includes 60 main course recipes – many a meal in themselves, with over 40 side dishes and ingredients such as Roasted Garlic, Dill Pesto, and Jerk Rub.

With Dinner for Two, you’ll eat great food and eat healthy without worrying about food going to waste.

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