Certification for Foodservice Professionals (CCMP)

Certification for Foodservice Professionals (CCMP)

A number of health issues prevalent in the United States today are associated with poor eating habits and nutrition. With 69% of adults identified as overweight or obese and the typical American diet exceeding the recommended intake levels for fat, sugar, refined grains, and sodium, the need for healthcare practitioners to actively engage patients on issues related to diet is greater than ever. Understanding the vital role that healthy eating and nutrition plays in good health is key to improving health.

Chefs and foodservice professionals are perfectly positioned to play a central role in changing the way Americans eat. However, many chefs and foodservice professionals feel their nutrition education and ability to communicate practical, effective guidance to consumers as well as their skill to produce food that is healthy and delicious is lacking. The Certified Culinary Medicine Professional (CCMP) program provides foodservice professional at any level with a unique combination of nutritional knowledge and improved healthy culinary skills so that they can effectively incorporate healthy options into menus to help consumers.

Through certification, foodservice professionals will enhance their knowledge, confidence, and skills by learning how to:

  • Evaluate and apply the most rigorous current research to menu and recipe development.
  • Enhance the quality of meals prepared.
  • Improve the diet quality especially targeting diet-related chronic diseases

Featuring a hybrid 45-credit curriculum comprised of online education, live conference learning, and hands-on teaching kitchen modules, the CCMP program is designed for those passionate about integrating science-based nutrition research into their culinary skillset and will equip candidates with the nutritional knowledge and culinary skills to optimize health.

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