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The Vision of The Culinary Medicine Specialist Board: to empower healthier lifestyles and reshape the course of chronic disease in America by integrating the science of medicine into culinary tradition.


Health meets Food provides medical professionals, food service professionals, students, patients, and community members with hands-on culinary training and lifestyle lessons using an evidence-based approach that aligns with current medical literature.


The curriculum has been designed to help physicians and other medical professionals understand and communicate the impact of good nutrition on their patients’ health.

As an indicator of its recognized value, Health meets Food courseware already has been adopted by over 50 medical schools, nursing schools and residency programs across the United States.

Health meets Food expands the audience for information about the link between food and medicine beyond practicing physicians and other members of medical community and professional culinarians to anyone interested in the intersection of good health and good nutrition.

The represents a fully integrated, comprehensive curriculum for doctors, medical students, chefs, and community members about the significant role that food choices and nutrition play in preventing and managing obesity and associated diseases.

By marrying a curriculum based on basic science with clinical education, the curriculum teaches physicians and other medical professionals how to incorporate dietary intervention strategies into the practice of medicine.  Through courseware and hands-on cooking classes, medical students and physicians learn the benefits of nutrition-related lifestyle changes and how to guide their patients towards healthier choices.

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