Health meets Food: the Culinary Medicine Curriculum

The 9th Annual Health meets Food: The Culinary Medicine Conference

The conference will take place June 8 through June 11, 2023.

The conference will be held in Orlando Florida in collaboration with the University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management. There will also be an online streaming option using a virtual conference platform that will allow for a conference experience including lectures, expert panels, culinary skills-building programming and small group interactions with your colleagues.

The overarching theme of this year’s conference is cultural explorations in Culinary Medicine and continued discussion of the intersection of healthcare and foodservice to focus on food and health amongst our patients, colleagues and policy makers.

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Thursday June 8, 2023

Optional hands-on Health meets Food modules with additional fee.

Friday June 9, 2023 – Building a Culinary Medicine Program at Your Site and Food Allergy and Intolerance

Friday programming will focus on updates on food allergies and intolerances with lectures focusing on the state of the art and culinary experiences covering egg allergy, celiac disease, non-nutritive sweeteners.  Presentations on building Culinary Medicine programming will be featured.

Saturday June 10, 2023 – Patients and Patrons: Heritage Cooking for Health

This year’s focus on Patients and Patrons: Heritage Cooking for Health will include reviews of the Hispanic and Latino, African and Asian cuisines and the challenges of specific patient populations.  Culinary experiences include cultural explorations of African, Caribbean, South American and Asian cuisines.

Sunday June 11, 2023 – Culinary Medicine in Foodservice 

Foodservice in healthcare is a critical element of our patients’ wellbeing and this year’s Sunday programming will build on the themes of practice transformation with respect to the best practices of how food is delivered to our patients.

Optional hands-on Health meets Food module with additional fee.

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Free Food Security Continuing Medical Education Online

The Health meets Food team offers free continuing medical education programming focused on food security issues.

This month we add a third module covering food banks and medically tailored meal programs.

The first two modules are also available and can be accessed free online. One module covers food security in older adults, and the second covers the SNAP and WIC programs. This is a significant issue for many in our society and the courseware covers background as well as actionable information for healthcare professionals.

All three of these modules are also available for use by partner-sites using the Health meets Food courseware for healthcare professional students.

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Health meets Food: Culinary Medicine in Foodservice Roundtable Recording Available 

If you missed the Culinary Medicine in Foodservice Roundtable last month, you can now view the recording online.

The free roundtable covers the intersection of food and health through presentations and conversations with leaders across the culinary world, hospital foodservice, advocacy, government, social sciences and education.

culinary medicine curriculum logoDaniel Boulud – Dinex Group
Chef Bruno Tison – Northwell Health
Gary Cohen – Healthcare Without Harm
Dr. Warner Absenger – Grand Rapids Community College
Kate Mackenzie, MS, RD – NYC Mayor’s Office of Food Policy
Marie Molde, RD – Datassential
Chef Cary Neff – Conscious Cuisine

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Culinary Medicine Programming for Chefs and Foodservice Professionals

culinary medicine curriculumThe Advisory Board and the Health meets Food team is now offering pioneering Culinary Medicine programming for chefs and foodservice professionals.  The programming is offered as a 20 module series and the courseware will be available for culinary schools as well as a certification program.

Chefs and foodservice professionals are perfectly positioned to play a central role in changing the way Americans eat. However, many chefs and foodservice professionals feel their nutrition education and ability to communicate practical, effective guidance to consumers as well as their skill to produce food that is healthy and delicious is lacking.

The Certified Culinary Medicine Professional (CCMP) program provides foodservice professional at any level with a unique combination of nutritional knowledge and improved healthy culinary skills so that they can effectively incorporate healthy options into menus to help consumers.

Through certification, foodservice professionals will enhance their knowledge, confidence, and skills by learning how to:

  • Evaluate and apply the most rigorous current research to menu and recipe development.
  • Enhance the quality of meals prepared.
  • Improve the diet quality especially targeting diet-related chronic diseases

Featuring a hybrid 45-credit curriculum comprised of online education, live conference learning, and hands-on teaching kitchen modules, the CCMP program is designed for those passionate about integrating science-based nutrition research into their culinary skillset and will equip candidates with the nutritional knowledge and culinary skills to optimize health.

Certification for Foodservice Professionals

View the program’s hybrid curriculum and steps towards certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

View the FAQs.

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The Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist (CCMS) Program

culinary medicine curriculumThe Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist (CCMS) designation identifies clinicians who have a unique foundation for incorporating healthy eating into patients’ diets: comprehensive knowledge of nutrition and the culinary techniques to prepare food that is consistent with real-world budgets, time constraints, and nutritional ideals. Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Pharmacists, Registered Dietitians and Nurse Practitioners are eligible for certification.

The hybrid 60-credit curriculum includes a distinctive combination of online nutrition education courses, live conferences, and in-person attendance at hands-on teaching kitchen modules.By completing the program, clinicians will enhance their confidence and quality of care by learning how to:

  • Integrate nutritional counseling to supplement pharmacological treatment
  • Educate patients about weight loss and weight management
  • Develop practical examination-room dialogues that inspire behavioral change
  • Implement new strategies in even the busiest primary care offices

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