Continuing Medical Education in Culinary Medicine

Hands-on Cooking Classes

Our continuing medical education in culinary medicine series provides health professionals, including Physicians, Physician Assistants, Registered Dietitians, Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and Certified Diabetes Educators, with evidence-based information on dietary education for patients. We teach important nutrition concepts through hands-on cooking classes to help you have a practical, actionable dialogue with your patients about lifestyle change.

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Our evidence-based curriculum translates current research literature for use in your day-to-day practice, and you will receive up to 4 continuing education credits per module. Find out which continuing medical education in culinary medicine classes are coming up!

Classes run 3 hours, with a small amount of preparation expected prior to attending class. You will receive further instruction after signing up for the course.

Cost Structure:

  • $200 per class for health professionals
  • Minimum number of participants per session is six and maximum number is 24
  • Registration closes one week prior to scheduled class
  • Contact [email protected] for further information

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