Healthy Eating Handouts

Healthy Eating Handouts

Culinary Handouts

Baking Ingredient Replacements
Breakfast Basics
Building a Shopping List
Buying and Cooking Seafood
Buying and Preparing Meats
Cooking Measurement Abbreviations
Do It Yourself Vinaigrette
FODMAPS handout
Flavor Chart
Food Diary – LUNCH
Fruits and Vegetables Ripeness
Make a Healthy Sandwich
Kitchen Terminology
How to Make Your Own Dressing
Menu Planning
Oils and Fats
Pantry Essentials
Portion Sizes
Recipe Terminology
Reheating Temps
Safe Cooking Temps
Safe Food Practices
Smart Snacking
Treasure and Trash – How to Make Your Own Stock

Dietary Handouts

1500 Calorie Diet
AIDS Healthy Diet
Allergies Handou
Bariatric Surgery Handout
Bone Health Handout
CHF Booklet
CHF Guide for patient
Cancer Resources
Celiac Disease
Colorectal Cancer Prevention
Complementary Proteins
Diabetes During Pregnancy
Facts about Fat – Spanish Language
FODMAPS handout
Facts about Fat
Fad Diets Handout

Food Allergies
Preventing Cancer with Fruits and Vegetables
GERD Reduction
Geriatric Handout
Gestational Diabetes
Goal Setting
HIV & Nutrition
HIV-AIDS Food Safety
IBD Handout
Kitchen Terminology
Mediterranean Diet
Mindful Eating
My Healthy Day
How to Read a Nutrition Label
Nutrition Cancer Treatment
PKU Diet Plan
PKU Food Diary
PKU Friendly Products
PKU Vegan Gluten Free Items
How to Read a Nutrition Label
Smart Snacking
Starting a Diet
Vegetarian Diets Overview
How to Use an Epipen Autoinjector

Medical Handouts

Codes for Lifestyle Counseling
Menu Planning
Mercury in Fish
How to Use an Epipen Autoinjector

United Kingdom Handouts

1500 Calorie Diet UK
Antioxidants UK
Coeliac Disease UK
Flavour Chart UK
Mediterranean Diet UK
Pantry Essentials UK
Recipe Terminology UK
Safe Cooking Temps UK
Smart Snacking UK

Handouts and recipes for use in patient care should remain in their original form with all Health meets Food information and logos intact.  Requests for co-branding of any Health meets Food copyright materials must be approved in advance prior to any publication or dissemination. If you wish to share links to the recipes or handouts on social media, we encourage you to do so, but again with attribution to Health meets Food and a hashtag linking #healthmeetsfood and #culinarymedicine as well as a link to included in your post.

Email for advance approval.

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