Maintenance of Certification

Maintenance of Certification

The Culinary Medicine Specialist Advisory Board has created guidelines for Maintenance of Certification (MOC).  The goal of the Board is to have a program that is easy to maintain both for the administrative team at the CMSB and those who have certified.  Below is information about how MOC will work, requirements and activities that will count toward certification.

How does it work?

Certifications run in 5-year increments from the date of initial certification and 50 total credit hours are required to recertify.  This does not need to be documented as 10 hours yearly for five years and can be aggregate credits across each 60 month period.  For example, this may be 5 hours in year 1, 20 hours in year 2 and 25 hours in year 5.

Upon passing your certification examination and gaining your CCMS credential your credit count in Moodle will be zeroed out so that we can track your conference credits and new module participation. This will not delete your CE certificates from the system. This is necessary because the system tracks any new modules you may take post certification and any conference participation hours you log.

Recertification fees are $250.00. When you are ready to have your credits audited and recertify, email

What counts as credit towards recertification?

Item Source Tracking Submission Vetted
New Modules Moodle Automatically Tracked
HmF Conference Participation Moodle Automatically Tracked
American Society of Nutrition Conference Manually – Certificate submission Yes
American Society of Nutrition Online Manually – Certificate submission Yes
Instruction at Academic Level In Person Lesson plans if not using HmF. Module and dates if using HmF courseware. Yes
Presenting Grand Rounds or other Talk In Person Manually – submit announcement or invitation with subject matter and dates. Yes


New modules that are added to the course may be taken for both credit and CME and these hours are automatically tracked by the system.

Participation in the Health meets Food conference is credited automatically once you complete the evaluations for the portions you participated in within the appropriate time frame.

ASN Conference hours will be credited with the submission of your CE certificates for the sessions you claimed credit at conference for.

ASN Online CE activities will be credited with submission of your CE certificates for each individual activity.

Instruction at the Academic level will be credited with a copy of the lesson plan, if you are not using the HmF curriculum, an outline of the modules taught and the number of hours spent in instruction.  For HmF curriculum please submit the modules covered and dates with time spent.

Presenting Grand Rounds or other presentations will require a copy of the announcement or invitation with the subject matter and the amount of time spent in presentation.  These activities will be reviewed by the Board prior to granting credit.


1. Do I have to wait until my 5 years is up to submit my ongoing work?

No and it is probably best that you do not hold all credits until the end of your cycle.

2. How do I submit manual credits?

Email your credits being claimed to with the appropriate verifying attachments as outlined above.

3. Can I submit activities not listed for credit?

No. These sources have been vetted for academic rigor and validity, so currently no additional activities are approved.  The Board will be working on a mechanism to approve other activities.

4. How do I pay for recertification?

When you are ready to start the recertification process, please email and we will process an invoice for you. If you require an invoice to be submitted directly to your institution for payment, please allow extra time for that process. However, we are happy to produce a direct invoice for you to submit if you prefer.


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