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The Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist (CCMS) program identifies clinicians who have a unique foundation for incorporating healthy eating into patients’ diets: comprehensive knowledge of nutrition and the culinary techniques to prepare food that is consistent with real-world budgets, time constraints, and nutritional ideals.

Through certification, clinicians will enhance their confidence and quality of care by learning how to:
•  Explore the implications of diet on overall health
•. Enhance the quality of patient counseling
•  Improve the management of diet-related chronic diseases.

Twelve (12) credits must be satisfied by attendance at 4 hands-on teaching kitchen modules. The remaining 48 credits can be satisfied by completing a mix of online courses through the CCMS website and by attending live nutrition and culinary medicine-focused conference sessions at the Health meets Food conference (optional). Additional educational modules and conference opportunities may be added on a rolling basis.


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