Sunday December 17th, 2023 – 12:00 PM to 3:00PM – FSP Module 3 – Micronutrients – Synchronous Virtual Programming


Module 3 Micronutrients This module focuses on individual vitamins and key minerals that are essential for good growth, maintenance, and repair of the body. Participants will learn the food sources for vitamins and minerals and how best to preserve them while preparing recipes. Particular focus will be on sodium’s role in flavor development and perception. In the kitchen we will explore ways to increase vitamin and mineral content while still focusing on flavor building and balancing techniques that do not rely on salt.

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This synchronous virtual programming will be held on Zoom.


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Module 2 Macronutrients This module explores each of the three macronutrients in depth; from food sources to structure and function to contribution to health. An exploration of the 5 basic components of taste and how a chef can use the knowledge gained to maximize flavor.