Health Meets Food CME at UT Health – Houston, TX

Offered at Nourish Research and Demonstration Kitchen at UTHealth School of Public Health
1200 Pressler
Houston, TX 77030

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August 17, 2018

5:30 – 8:30 pm: Lipids in Disease: The Impact of Dietary Fats on Health

This lesson looks at the physiological effects of different types of dietary fats in the body and common sources of these fats. The kitchen focus is on the purpose of fats in cooking and viable replacements and substitutions for culinary fats, and meals.

August 18, 2018

9:00 – noon: Protein, Amino Acids, Vegetarian Diets, and Eating Disorders

The biological need for dietary proteins is examined in this lesson, with a focus on essential amino acids and their dietary sources. Dietary needs and sources of protein are outlined, with a focus on vegetarian diets, possible nutritional deficiencies and means of compensation. In the kitchen, vegetarian meals are prepared with a focus on satiety and complimentary proteins. Diet and health implications of eating disorders will also be explored.

1:00 – 4:00 pm: Hypertension and Nutrition: Reduced Sodium Diets and Flavor Building

This module examines the physiological effects of high-sodium diets and their prevalence in American culture, while providing a more in-depth overview of the DASH diet, including studies examining its efficacy in reducing the need for medication in hypertensive subjects. In the kitchen, the purpose of salt is examined, and cooking principles of flavor building and balancing without added sodium are practiced while making reduced-sodium dinner options.

October 19, 2018

5:30 – 8:30 pm: Introduction to Culinary Medicine

This module presents an outline of both the Mediterranean and DASH diets, and examines recent sources and studies examining the effectiveness of both in terms of treating diet-related illnesses. This module also briefly reviews methods of communicating these principles to patients. An introduction to basic kitchen safety and knife handling skills is also included.

October 20, 2018

9:00 – noon: Weight Management and Portion Control

Delving into obesity indicators, the understanding of caloric density and portion control, and reviews of the literature behind weight loss and maintenance, this course will help the clinician understand practical and realistic approaches to weight management.

1:00 – 4:00 pm: Diabetes Mellitus: Carbohydrates and Nutrition

In this module, the physiological impact of digestion of different types of carbohydrates is examined, along with the role of certain carbohydrates in promoting satiety, regulating blood glucose and sustaining energy, with a further look into whole grains. Special focus is on reducing sugar consumption, especially in snacking, and guidelines for healthier snacking and desserts are presented and practiced in the kitchen.

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Nourish Research and Demonstration Kitchen at UTHealth School of Public Health, 1200 Pressler, Houston, Texas, 77030, United States

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