Online Cooking & Nutrition Resources

These online cooking and nutrition resources are free. Get tips on smart meal planning and budgeting so you don’t waste money buying things you won’t use. Lean how to choose meats, seafood, and fruits and vegetables so you get the freshest items. For reference, we’ve also included free online nutrition databases and links to the nutrition information for some of the most common fast food restaurants.

Meal Planning, Budgeting & Shopping

Meal Planning

Breakfast Basics
Complementary Proteins
My Healthy Day
Mediterranean Diet
Mercury in Fish


Building a Shopping List
Pantry Essentials
Buying and Preparing Meats
Buying and Preparing Seafood
Fruits and Vegetables Ripeness

Free Nutrition Databases and Diet Planners

USDA Ingredient Database
USDA Nutrient Lists
My Fitness Pal
Nutrition Data

Fast Food Nutrition Information

Many people turn to fast food restaurants as a way of getting quick meals while on the go, but what exactly are we putting into our bodies when we eat these foods? Below are links to common fast food restaurants websites where they detail the nutritional information of their products. Try to limit the number of times you eat at fast food restaurants each week, and when you do, consider choosing some of the healthier options on the their menus.

Taco Bell
Burger King
Popeye’s Chicken
Chick Fil-a
Domino’s Pizza