AAP Presentation

Recipes demonstrated by Dr. Angela Fals and Dr. Rob Karch at the AAP 2018 Conference.

Avocado Toast

The perfect simple breakfast — whole grains, great quality fats and tons of fiber.  Easy and delicious.

Chicken Fajita Bowl

A quick and easy bowl with familiar fajita flavors.

Chicken Lime Plantain Chips

Crispy, sweet and a bit salty.  The perfect snack.

Mango Smoothie

Full of fiber and great vitamin C in a glass.  A quick and easy breakfast with everything you need.

Shrimp and Veggie Packets

Cooking in a foil packet just makes sense.  Great flavor, delicious shrimp steamed with veggies.

Taco Seasoning

Classic taco seasoning but less expensive and a lot less salt.