Culinary Medicine and Pediatrics – Recipes

Presentation  by  Dr. Angela Fals and Dr. Rob Karch at the American Academy of Pediatrics 2018 National Convention and Exhibition.

Recipe below demonstrated by Chef Gary Applesies.

White Bean and Tomato Bruschetta

Here are other recipes from the Health meets Food courseware:

Avocado Toast

The perfect simple breakfast — whole grains, great quality fats and tons of fiber.  Easy and delicious.

Chicken Fajita Bowl

A quick and easy bowl with familiar fajita flavors.

Chicken Lime Plantain Chips

Crispy, sweet and a bit salty.  The perfect snack.

Mango Smoothie

Full of fiber and great vitamin C in a glass.  A quick and easy breakfast with everything you need.

Shrimp and Veggie Packets

Cooking in a foil packet just makes sense.  Great flavor, delicious shrimp steamed with veggies.

Taco Seasoning

Classic taco seasoning but less expensive and a lot less salt.